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Our team of highly experienced web design professionals are here to provide top-notch website maintenance, support and industry-leading response times. Meet the support team.

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Full service website maintenance & support

Managed hosting, backup, security

From fast speeds and security to expert support, we provide professional hosting services that can scale alongside your business.

Tech support & troubleshooting

Industry-leading website maintenance plans and website support packages provide ongoing coverage for all your website needs. Take the headache out of website management.

Ongoing design & development retainers

With over a decade of experience as a leading web design agency, our team is set up to provide you and your website with a smooth experience, from process to production.

Meet our top-notch website support team

Stop wasting time with website support that isn’t working, our professional team is here to help. Interested in learning more? Talk to one of our website support experts today.

Joe Phelps

Website Designer

Joe Phelps

Website Designer

Joe Phelps

Website Designer

Joe Phelps

Website Designer

Setting you up for success

What it’s like working with FreshySites

Beyond building websites, we support them long term. We have a robust website support system to ensure each of our client websites are given the ongoing care and attention they deserve.

Website support & maintenance features

Real-time support

Our web design experts are here to provide top notch website support services and industry leading response times. Decades of experience managing, updating, migrating, and maintaining websites for businesses, non-profits, and organizations

Theme & plugin maintenance

As part of our plugin and theme management maintenance plan, FreshySites will keep all theme files, plugins, and extensions up to date with the most recent releases — to ensure security and continuity of your website on a recurring basis.

Secure hosting

Security is vital when it comes to your hosting. The best hosting is safe, secure, and protected from unscrupulous hackers. At FreshySites, we provide premium hosting that keeps you and your customers safe online, including privacy protection and an SSL certificate.

Security support

Reduce website security risks and give your business and your customers the safe browsing experience they deserve. Including security audits, backups, malware scans, and daily monitoring.

Website optimization

Work with our in-house SEO experts to develop your target keywords, goals and objectives for SEO and organic traffic. Our digital team will then implement an ongoing SEO campaign to deliver month-on-month organic traffic improvements and optimizations for your website.

Dedicated team

Reliable, intelligent, and highly skilled, our website support services team is here to ensure your website is fully managed and fully supported.

Website support & maintenance packages

Small business website maintenance & support

We understand that most small businesses struggle to find the time to keep their website live, updated and visible. At FreshySites, we have developed affordable website support packages tailored to small businesses that need help managing their online visibility. We will ensure your site remains online with secure hosting, backups, security audits and regular updates. Our team has you covered so you can focus on growing your business.

Enterprise website maintenance & support

For larger websites with significant monthly visits, we can provide a full-service support package that includes standard features such as hosting and backups, but also includes additional time for content updates, round-the-clock security protection, malware cleaning and even speed optimization. Great website maintenance means being proactive, we’re always here to support your site and keep things running smoothly.

WordPress website maintenance & support

Our WordPress website maintenance packages are backed by a team of WP experts. Regular backups, solid security, and plenty of bandwidth — FreshySites provides it all. Every WP site needs constant attention to make sure it is working as it should. Without this, your site could become slow or, even worse, become vulnerable to hackers or malware. FreshySites maintenance ensures you’re protected against any eventuality.

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Website support service features

By choosing FreshySites as your website maintenance partner, you get access to our expert
development team and everything you need to keep your website in perfect working order. We make
it simple for our clients to manage, track, and get updates on their website requests
Here are some of the features you can expect from
FreshySites website maintenance plan.

Managed hosting

By default, for all of our websites, FreshySites will host, manage, and provide SSL certificates as part of our ongoing support. We will keep your website CMS and theme updated to the most stable and recommended releases — as well as backup and secure all websites on our infrastructure.

This means you rest assured that your site will remain visible at all times and, if anything does go wrong, we’ll be there to provide backups and roll back your site as required.

Secure hosting is essential for keeping your site online and accessible to customers. Our support team makes sure your site stays this way, on-hand to resolve any unexpected problems or issues that might come your way.

Website plugin & theme maintenance

As part of our plugin and theme management maintenance plan, FreshySites will keep all theme files, plugins, and extensions up to date with the most recent releases — to ensure security and continuity of your website on a recurring basis.

Keeping plugins and themes up to date with the most recent versions ensures maximum up-time for your website. Patching vulnerabilities in software reduces the risks of malicious actors harming your website. Outdated plugins or software is one of the most common culprits of security issues and by keeping this properly maintained, we can avoid potential threats.

24/7 security & vulnerability protection

Hackers are a very real threat when it comes to websites. But with FreshySites, we offer round-the-clock protection, with regular vulnerability analysis to make sure your (and your customers’) data is always secure.

An expert support team for your business

There’s only so far that automated analysis can get you. FreshySites maintenance uses real people to assess your site too, for a human touch that can’t be replicated with a machine. We have a team of expert website designers and developers that will regularly update your website to the latest standards and mitigate security risk

Website maintenance and support for improved SEO

Every business needs to be optimized for search engines. Being visible on Google for the right set of keywords allows you to reach your customers, increase traffic and drive conversions. Keeping your website current and relevant is absolutely vital for search engine rankings, and helps to show Google your website is a legitimate and valuable resource

Our website support packages will help you maximize your online presence and ongoing SEO performance monitoring will enable us to spot trends and opportunitie

An expert support team for your business

Keeping on top of website performance is an essential part of our support package. When you know how your website performs, you know how to make it better too. The FreshySites team uses custom analytics solutions to stay on top of monthly performance metrics and highlight opportunities that could increase traffic and conversions.

Image optimization

Got too many images slowing down your site? Large, unoptimized images are almost always the main driver behind slow page load times. Let FreshySites give your media a refresh, compressing it down to reduce lag, but maintaining crystal-clear quality.

Malware cleaning

Malware happens — that’s a fact. But the FreshySites team are on-hand to clean up your site and get it back online swiftly, so you can get back to doing what you do best: serving customers.

Malware attacks can put your customers’ data and your website at risk, and it’s something we take seriously at FreshySites. We conduct regular malware security scans to protect against any threat, keeping your website secure and protected, 24/7.

Speed optimization

To get the best results from your website, user experience needs to be a high priority. Fast load times are essential for any modern and effective website. Not only will this improve your SEO, but it will also help to keep more users onsite and drive stronger conversion rates. Our team makes sure your site is as fast as it can be, giving your customers a great user experience every time.

24/7 uptime for 24/7 peace of mind

You can never plan for a technical hiccup in your website. That’s why we offer an infrastructure fully backed with automatic failover, giving you peace of mind should the unexpected happen.

Browser optimization

All our sites come fully responsive, ready to be viewed on any device. But what if you want to make changes to your website after the design phase? Or what if your website was built by another supplier that didn’t consider browser optimization? Our development team will be on hand to identify any display issues across different browsers and implement fixes as required.

How to find the best website support services for your business

The best support packages are completely customizable to your business and website. We don’t believe in boxing our clients into a standard package, instead, we will deliver customer service that includes the unique features and functionality that will deliver results. Reliable, intelligent, and highly-skilled, our website support services team is here to ensure your website is fully managed and fully supported.

Website support & maintenance FAQs

Yes, there is a monthly fee for having FreshySites handle these updates for you. But the benefits often outweigh the cost of letting your website go unmanaged.

Website maintenance involves assessing the functions and performance of a website, including plugin and theme functionality, to ensure it’s up to the latest standards. Once this assessment is made, we then make the necessary tweaks and fixes to bring it to full working order.

  1. Plugin updates and management on a recurring basis (usually quarterly)
  2. Theme updates to the most recent stable version
  3. 30 minutes of troubleshooting, ensuring every update goes smoothly
  4. Ongoing accountability from FreshySites, ensuring your site is the most up to date as possible

Our website support plans are usually customized for each client and website, depending on the client’s needs, size of the website, or complexity of functionality. We can add services such as security assessments or even ongoing SEO management into these plans.

Each website maintenance project varies in length, depending on the size and scope of the task or problems at hand. Contact us for a quote, and ask about our maintenance plans.

Not necessarily. Not all of our website design clients opt for an ongoing support plan, particularly for larger websites and businesses that have their own dedicated teams. We recommend ongoing website support for businesses that don’t have the time or resources to look after their site as an unmaintained site can lead to security risks, poor user experience and drops in visibility.

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